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Certification Number: A016640315

"Sheila was instrumental in helping me to recover from alcoholism.  During our sessions, I gained valuable insight from her knowledge and expertise and was able to apply what I learned in order to grow, change, and become healthy.  Her non-judgemental and gentle approach allowed me to feel safe and supported during an extremely difficult time.  I will be forever grateful to her."  Emily 


As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I provide outpatient individual counseling for those who are dealing with substance abuse.

     Typically we will meet once a week for a 50 minute session.  During the counseling process, I will be guiding you in taking an objective look at the problems your substance use has created in your life and help you with the daily challenges that often accompany early sobriety.  I provide a safe environment for you to identify and express your experiences, thoughts and feelings.  We will also explore what triggers you to use substances and establish strategies to prevent relapse that fit you as an individual.  Because substance dependency is a physical brain chemistry disease, I treat the physical, emotional and spiritual effects that chemicals have had on your life.  Even if you are not chemically dependent but have had pain in your life due to drug/alcohol use, I can help you.

     If this is your first attempt at recovery, I welcome the opportunity to teach you the tools you need to live your best.  If you have attempted recovery in the past but have gone back to using, I hope to give you a personalized approach that fits you as a unique person by exploring with you what hasn't worked in the past and what may work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will going to individual sessions once a week be enough to help me get off drugs or do I need inpatient treatment first?

I believe in starting with outpatient treatment to build a support system so that you can learn how to live in your current environment without drugs.  If recovery is not achieved on an outpatient basis I will help you choose an inpatient treatment center that best suits your individual needs.  Inpatient treatment may be necessary because addiction is a brain chemistry disease which could require a more intensive approach, not because you lack "will power".   However, many people can achieve life-long recovery through outpatient treatment.

How long is your counseling program?

Everyone who walks through my door is a unique person with a unique  personal journey.   Therefore, I provide individualized counseling.  There are many factors that determine how long you will be in counseling.  Please call me and we can discuss your particular needs. Together we will determine when you are ready to end the therapeutic relationship.  You are free to end any time .

Do I have to attend Alcoholics Anonymous?

Because  this is individualized counseling and you are part of the process, we will discuss if that will be beneficial to your recovery process.  I do not ascribe to the belief that you cannot achieve and maintain sobriety without a 12 Step program.  However, support is a very important part of recovery.  Together we will explore how to best build your support system.  Also, because not all people who seek counseling for drug/alcohol use are addicted, 12 Step Programs are not a fit for everyone.

Does insurance pay for counseling?

In some cases yes, but in most cases no.  It depends on your particular insurance policy and company.  An insurance company may pay for one person and not another because of the differences in their policies.  I can provide an insurance form at the end of each month for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  I do not bill insurance companies directly and require payment as you come to each session.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 916-517-1683 or email me at


Substance Abuse Counseling